Admission Open in A listed Universities

Message from CEO Educational Advisor,
Thanks to Almighty Allah, I am proud to share that IUK ISM has been added to The A list of Pakistan Medical Commission.
I highly Congratulate our students of IUK ISM and their families on achieving this milestone. It was a long and testing journey and I am grateful to everyone who supported us, believed in us, and accompanied us on the way. Most important our students of IUK ISM.
Now our graduates will be eligible to get licensed in Pakistan by following the Pathway (1) of PMC for students of A-listed universities. They will be able to get a provisional license after graduation and start their house job.
Our students are now also eligible for licensing in the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA by giving their licensing exams. Now nothing is standing in between success and a bright future for the Students of IUK ISM.
I appreciate the IUK ISM management and Educational Advisor team for their tireless efforts without which this was not possible.
As we promised, so we delivered.
Warm Regards
Dr Muhammad Imran Nazir.

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